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Mint and Periwinkle, bound by a rigid link of love, are destined to forever spin and bounce around each other. Mint is a stickler - doesn't like moving and clings to anything he touches, but Periwinkle's rather more excitable and can't stand still. With just a single button press (SPACE), players can swap Mint and Periwinkle's position: what was bouncy now clutches the nearest surface, while a sudden burst of energy pushes the pair away from its last position.

With a primarily physics based mechanic, the possible combinations are almost limitless. Climb walls, walk across platforms, fling the couple across the world with a well-timed switch...

There's more to come: grasp onto swinging pendulums, moving platforms, and even other balls in the environment with special abilities. Repeatedly bash into solid obstructions to reach higher ground and of course, as is paramount to the couple, search out the love that's constantly holding them together.

The space bar to switch properties. Command-Q or Alt-F4 to quit.

The Illusory Persistence of Love, aka TIPOL, was developed during the January 2009 Global Game Jam at the Albany, NY location using Unity3D.