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PyBlosxom Webfront plugin: A plugin for the PyBlosxom blogging system to present a web interface to edit the blog. An example can be found here.

Helpdesk Quicklogs: A simple to setup and run site for logging events very, very simply. Useful for simple statistics. This package was built during my employment at the RPI VCC Helpdesk where we use it to get counts on how many clients we had in a week and in what general category did we help them.

Unnamed Network Library: A python library for networking games. The library was developed with the idea of seperating network logic from game logic. This is accomplished by using descriptors for class attributes that need to be synchronized across the network and functions decorated with the net_protocol function.

DS Homebrew

Go DS: A small game of Go.

Unity3D Projects

The Illusory Persistance of Love: A physics-powered platformer developed during the first global game jam.

Empac Shooter: A rudimentary multiplayer shooter developed for Experimental Game Design at RPI.

The Legend of Vim: A puzzle game where 4 forest sprites combat the invading plague of darkness for Experimental Game Design at RPI.

GameDev Club Projects

Each project is completed in a semester with various members from the RPI GDC.

Proud Star: A multiplayer top-down starship shooter where the main goal is to capture the opponents home-planet.

Tiki Dudes: A multiplayer isometric action resource-gathering game of battle royal.

Game Developement Courses

The following projects were completed during the Fall semester of 2008, each during a few week period, based off of a given genre of game with other varying requirements.

Don't Kill the Messenger: A difficult game where the player 3 abilities to traverse the many dangers. Theme: Shmup

Evolution Defender: Involves breeding "towers" to create new towers that mix the available traits to better oppose the enemies which also follow genetic traits and are breed from those that survive the longest. Theme: Tower Defenses

Audo-Bot: A small robot that navigates by sound has become self-aware. In its newfound conciousness it seeks to escape to experience greater things. Theme: Verb Deck, Shout, Escape

GameJam Entries

Hosted by the RPI GDC at various times are challenges to build a game in one day around a given theme.

Pong Break: Pong Break is a mix of the retro games Pong and Break Out. Theme: Retro

Ball Z: Geometry Wars like game with two planes of existence, a day plane, and a night plane. The player's shots cause creatures who enhabit these planes to swap. Creatures of the other plane don't like each other or you. Theme: Day and Night

Man Mouse: A desperate battle between Mouse God (using the computer mouse) and the lowly Spartan Man (using the keyboard). Theme: Asymmetric Multiplayer

Core Driller: A survival action game with the challenge of balancing the use of the heat generated from drilling for speed or destruction. Theme: Digging

Major Tom: The Etheral Door: A gravity/anti-gravity puzzle game. Theme: Gravity

Morseship: A two player game of battleship with player's inputing commands by morsecode. Theme: One Button